• 1. Retail copy and print
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  • 1. What is included in the retail offering?

    The use of a machine for the number of copies purchased and all consumables, maintenance and breakdown are included within the offering for retail environments. Once a block of copies have been purchased on a sale or return basis, anything relating to the upkeep of the machine is our responsibility.

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  • 2. What if i want to cancel?

    As there is no contract you can cancel at any time once you have purchased a block of copies. Any copies that have not been sold onto the public are paid back to you, making it completely risk free.

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  • 3. Is there a time limit?

    Once you have bought a block of copies there is no time limit attached to when you use them. It can be days or years.

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  • 4. What happens when i have used the copies?

    Once you have used or sold the block of copies you bought you can purchase another block usually at a lower rate if your volume is good. If you do not wish to purchase any more we take the machine away with no cost or charge.

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  • 5. How can i purchase a colour machine?

    Due to the higher value of colour machines, a block of 5000 copies @ 5p is needed to purchase this type of machine. The offering is still the same with all colour toners included.

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  • 6. Should i get a black and white or colour machine?

    We believe that if a store hasn't had a copier before the best option is to go with a black and white machine for a smaller outlay on the Pay As You Go Scheme. If the demand for colour becomes apparent then we can change machines at any time to meet this demand.

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  • 7. Is it possible get machines with wireless printing?

    We are able to supply machines with wireless capability on blocks of larger copies. Full demos are provided with these machines as with all other machines.

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  • 8. How will my customers know that i have a photocopier?

    We provide full marketing support for all our retail clients. This includes posters of all sizes as well as leaflets that can be distributed in the local area and to customers to highlight the new offering and drive demand. If our clients are not making money then we aren't either, so we work out the best and most effective way to advertise.

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  • 9. I'm not sure how well a photocopier will do in my store, is it worth it?

    Our Pay As You Go offering is built around giving stores the ability to test how successful a photocopier may or may not be. There is no contract and any unsold copies can be refunded at any time with no cancellation charge or cost. In reality customers of newsagents, Post Offices and off licences see a photocopier as a standard offering. Giving your customers the option drives general footfall and gives you a competitive advantage in your local area and the ability to have more repeat customers providing regular income.

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  • 10. What if i don't have much space in my store for a machine?

    We are able to provide machines with completely different sizes and capabilities. Our smallest machines are less than half a metre squared and we work with our clients to find a machine that best suits the size and style of the store. We are yet to find a store where a machine cannot fit.

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  • 1. Machine troubleshooting
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If you have any queries or questions regarding rental or corporate offerings please call or email us.





"I joined BCS because i didn’t want to tie myself down with a contract and they helped me choose the type of machine to best maximise profits in my store."

Edgware Post Office

"BCS were the only option for me because i didn’t want to tie myself down with a contract and they allowed me to be flexible in choosing the best type of machine for my store."

Woolbrook News

"We never really maximised potential with our old photocopier, but since getting a USB machine from BCS we have regular customers every day using the copier and increasing our overall profits."

Kings Hill News

"I needed a high volume machine for my business and the rental deal from BCS was the most affordable deal. The machine is extremely fast and copes with the high demand comfortably."

Galleries Computing

"BCS were the only supplier who offered a wide variety of machines. My store is small and they helped me choose the machine that best fit in."

Broadway Post Office

"We originally bought our own copier for our store, but it was low quality and the toners were extremely expensive. Going with BCS made our cost per copy much lower and the service and support is second to none."

Bidborough Stores

"The printing and copying demands within the finance industry are high and BCS have always provided us with high quality products that handle such demand while offering brilliant support coverage."

Fulcrum Finance

“I started off with a black and white copier, but upgraded to a colour after demand from customers. The process was easy and it allowed me to add even more value to the offering .”

Jacobs Well Post Office

“I have been with BCS for years, and the service and flexibility in their offering  has never faltered. Highly recommend”

Waddesdon Post Office